I have been told a zillion times not to take things personally.
“It’s pure professional. Nothing personal”
“Don’t take it personal lah…”
“You are being too personal lah! Come on! Be a pro!”

Oh well, I am now tired of hearing those preaches.
Let me tell you my point of view. Personally.

Personally speaking,
my decision to join advertising agency, was very much personal.
Because I like it. For no reason.
Not because I think I can get rich.
Not because I think I can have a better life.
Simply, because I personally, like it!

Personally speaking,
my discipline habit that close to army, is very much personal.
Because I want to do it for myself.
Not because of you.
Not because of the company.
Simply, I personally believe that by living my life with strict discipline,
I will enjoy life more.

Personally speaking,
those clients who have given me so much faith in running their advertising campaign,
is because of their personal judgment.
Not because the number of awards I have.
Not because I do better ads.
Simply, because they believe me. They have faith in me.
And in return, I do my best.

Personally speaking,
my decision to move from one agency to another agency and lastly becoming a freelancer,
is because of my personal believes.
I do not believe that it’s worth giving your life to advertising.
I do not believe that we have to constantly humiliate and downgrading our intellectuality
just because we want money from clients.
I do not believe that we have to shut our mouth even if we think something it’s not right.
Will I do all those in the name of being professional? Will you?
I would rather take it personally.

And the list will go on and on and will end to one sentence,
I was born for a personal reason.
I live my life for a personal ambition.
And I think, I had prove to myself, at least to my mom,
that I manage to survive living my life personally.
Not to mention being distinctive,
in this world so called a professional world.